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Smart marketers know that our brains are wired to ignore the mundane and expected. They also know that if you want to stand out in a mass of mediocrity, you need to make an emotional connection with your audience.

What's that got to do with your resume and LinkedIn profile? Everything.


Career Marketing...

Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your career marketing materials, so why shouldn't you apply marketing principles? And since science tells us that info loses its punch when delivered the same way over and over again, why would you want to present your career in a way that mirrors the masses and strips the you from your work?

As a smart marketer of my clients' careers for the past 10+ years, I've used personality and novelty (what the brain loves and simply cannot ignore) to tell career stories with an authenticity that helps attract like-minded professionals and best-fit opportunities.

Want to learn more about how and why this all works so dang well?

Then check out Show Some Personality (on Your Resume) or listen to my podcast interview, How to Get Your Resume (and LinkedIn Profile) Noticed in a Noisy World, where I share how marketing principles, combined with a storyteller's approach, will help you attract the attention you've been craving to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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